Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We're staying here!

I'm so sorry about that mixup, it seems i am having issues with another site, and therefore to keep things "Safe" i'm staying here and going to continue posting here till i can get that fixed! Thank you so much <3

Violett ^_^

Monday, October 14, 2013

Store Spotlight! Aisling - Amazingly detailed mesh furniture, decor and homes!

I happened upon this amazing little store while out shopping with a friend of mine. She, knowing I'm addicted to furniture and houses, decided to feed my need and introduced me to Aisling. This store had me going "OH OH I NEED THAT" about everythingfreakingthing. The detail in the furniture and houses i saw was beyond great. The style for a majority of the items here isn't he usual modern/sleek thing we see around. Amazing rustic, contemporary and eclectic style can be found throughout the store. It helps that there are free items to be snagged! Come take a look and introduce yourself to Aisling if you haven't before!

<3Vio, The zombie overlord-ess

 Gifts at the landing spot when you tp in! Make sure you grab them, they're so cute!
 This fireplace is AMAZING, i cannot help but get excited at the detail that goes on here. The lighting that is cast by the fire (NO SHADOWS WERE USED ON MY BEHALF) is exquisite! I'm just gaga over this lol. Sorry fangirl moment!
 Who doesn't need a herbalist station? I don't do any kind of herbalism not even in WoW but hey i want it. :p

 So you can get your worship/praise/magic studying on :p

 I am MAKING space for this darn fountain! It's so perfect, i think i'll build a whole garden around it. That tired, century look is so fantastic, the moss growing on the stone drew me right in. The water is so realistic and gorgeous. I should of gotten a closeup, I will probably go get that so you can view the detail in this masterpiece!
 I know summer is gone for some of us, but WHO CARES when you have this?! So perfect for those nights when you just want to cuddle up with your lovey and read, snuggle, makeout..whatever you wish.

 That fox detail is so perfect for fall on this rocking chair, i'm just so in love with the detail this creator puts into their work.
 Maybe for the dinner table, fireplace...even makeup table? Ooh bathroom counter would work aswell. So many uses for this beauty!

One of the best shots i could get of the house, there are two or three i believe, go take a look they are all this style and so cuuttee!

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Home'n'Stuff Roundup! Part UNO!

Good morning my lovelies, as always this is part one of the weekend sales and stuffs, part 2 usually takes place on sunday, unless something amazing pops up before then! Enjoy, my little zombies!

Fifty Linden Friday Home/Decor sales:

Fameshed (First Birthday Bash thing!!)

There's a celebration for their birthday bash, and they have some seriously impressive items out from all the amazing stores that take part! Go have a look yourself to get the full view of it all!

This is all the furniture/decor that it has to offer :)


The Challenge is an event i've just happened upon and is fairly new to myself, probably to Sl aswell (or i would think, since im a furniture sale addict :D). Here's what the NC says:
Greetings everyone,
a month ago we decided that it would be a neat idea to challenge us a bit with a monthly theme. And for the very first round we got UNDERWATER. So all below mentioned merchants created AT LEAST one item according to the theme.

Here's the offering!:
(Some stores items where missing or i just couldn't see them! So they do not appear here.)

<3 Violett, your zombie overlordess